Briquetting Press CUBE 20 for woodshavings and other material

The hydraulic briquetting presses of our CUBE series press various woodworking residues such as sawdust, wood shavings and milling chips as well as grinding dust into dimensionally stable, rectangular briquettes measuring 30 x 30 mm. Depending on the starting raw material, the length of the briquettes varies between 6 and 50 mm. It can also be pressed other materials such as paper dust, straw or miscanthus.
Our CUBE briquetting presses are characterized by their compact, well-engineered and solid construction. Our machines can work in continuous operation. The maximum moisture content of the material to be pressed must not exceed 15% atro. The pressing process is carried out without the addition of binders - solely by the hydraulic pressing pressure. The volume can be reduced by up to 90% (depending on the material).
The briquetting presses of our CUBE series are standardely built with hydraulic tank, drive unit, material silo and control unit. The material silo is 700 mm in diameter and has a filling volume of approx. 0.4 cubic meters. The control system is equipped with a motor protection switch and an on / off switch. The machines are standardely delivered in 400 V -50 Hz - 3 ph but can be supplied in 230 V for a small additional charge. Thanks to the innovative "Silent" hydraulic pump, the machines are extremely quiet. The sound pressure level is less than 62 decibels!
As an accessory, a briquette line can be delivered to the briquetting presses of our CUBE series with which the briquettes can be transported into bags, cartons or in a briquette storage room.
The production of briquettes has the following advantages:
• Creation of a valuable substance from a residue material
• Reduction of volume by up to 90%
• Cost savings for storage and transport
• Cheap disposal
• Profitable sale
• Reduction of the risk of fire and explosion due to dust binding
• 2.1 kg wood briquettes correspond to a calorific value of 1 liter fuel oil
CUBE20 Hand
The following options can be purchased for the CUBE 20 at an additional cost:
Level monitoring. Via a fill level monitor, the machine detects whether material is in the silo of the press and starts and stops automatically. This option is indispensable, for example, if built under an existing extraction system.
- Transport pipe. The transport tube holder is a component that is attached to the briquette outlet of the press. Onto the transport pipe the briquette transport line can be built. In this way, the briquettes can be transported by the power of the subsequent briquette without further expenditure of energy up to a length of about 5 meters into a packaging carousel, bags, big bags or into a briquette storage room.

- Special container. Also possible is the delivery of a special container, for example, as a substructure under an existing extraction and filtration system.

- Version 230 Volt.
Technical specifications:
Briquette dimensions: 30 x 30 mm (square)
Dimensions of the machine: 130 x 74 x 112 cm (lxwxh)
Weight of the machine: about 233 kg
Volume of the silo: approx. 330 liters
Motor: 2.2 kW, 400 V -50 Hz
Oil cooler: no
Start-stop automatic: no
Noise emission: 62 dB




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